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About us

‭Main goal of the ‘Uyghur Aid’ is to assist and resolve any issue and difficulties any Uyghurs oversea encountered.
‭This project is not bonded to any governmental agencies, organizations, or any country; all support staffs are volunteered, warmhearted, and sincere people who’s willing to help Uyghurs financially, professionally, educationally.
‭If the first-year trial period goes well, we seek to make it become an international fund to serve Uyghurs better.

‭If you’d like help Uyghurs either publicly or anonymously, any amount of help is deeply appreciated.
‭If you determined to help , here is the bank information below:

Account name: UYGHUR HJELP
Account type: Business (organization account)
Account number: 3330 30 29465