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About us

‘Uyghur Hjelp’ project is aimed to assist Uyghurs in diaspora who are encountering with various challenges and difficulties.
This project is not affiliated with any government agencies, organizations, or any country; all the participants are passionate, dedicated, and sincere individuals who supported this project by making financial donation and/or by contributing with their time and various applicable skillsets to help Uyghur
If this project succeeds the first-year trial period, it is planned to convert the project into a formal international foundation

We welcome and appreciate any contribution or donation in any amount to UyghurYar to help Uyghurs, your contribution/donation can be made either publicly or anonymously.
If you would like to donate , below is the bank and contact information of “UyghurYar”:

Account name: UYGHUR HJELP
Account type: Business (organization account)
Account number: 3330 30 29465