Detained & imprisoned (athletes)

EntryVictim’s NameChinese nameID no.About the TestifierRelationAbout the VictimAssumed LocationWhen Detention Took PlaceDetention ReasonVictim’s StatusHow Testifier Learned of StatusAdditional InfoAbout the Testifier (Translated/Edited)Relation (Translated/Edited)About the Victim (Translated/Edited)Assumed Location (Translated/Edited)When Detention Took Place (Translated/Edited)Detention Reason (Translated/Edited)Victim’s Status (Translated/Edited)How Testifier Learned of Status (Translated/Edited)Additional Info (Translated/Edited)Prison Term (Years)AgeGenderEthnicityLocationDetention typeDetention timeDetention reasonOfficial detention reason (1)Official detention reason (2)Official detention reason (3)Health statusProfession
25Irpan Hezim654221199???????O?Gene A. Bunin, independent scholar/writerNo relation. I am posting information that is publicly available in the press.Erfan Hezim, 19. Footballer in the Chinese Super League. Signed a 5-year contract with the Jiangsu Suning Football Club in 2017.Presumably in inner China, as he’s back to playing for the Jiangsu club.<br /><br />[Previously in Turgun [village] Re-education Camp in Jiaochu township.]February 2018.Reportedly, for &quot;visiting foreign countries&quot; (Hezim visited Spain in January and Dubai in February).On November 29, 2018, his girlfriend posted a photo on Weibo with the caption “the hero is back”, confirming in the comments that Erfan returned. (<br /><br />Weibo posts on December 12, 2018 showed a photo of a very pale Erfan in what appears to be a plane or a train, with another post confirming that he’d be back to play for next season.<br /><br />As of February 2019, he appears to be back to playing for the Jiangsu club, as reported by the SCMP: story has been reported by Radio Free Asia: FIFPro organization has also spoken out against his detention:<br /><br />Mentioned in the CECC report: ChinaotherJan. 2018 – Mar. 2018related to going abroadathlete
416Pazilya Parhat65402119????????E?Azat Mahmut Kashgari. Has been living in the United States for 20 years.Azat Mahmut’s niecePazilya Parhat, 29 years old, a professional soccer player. she was sent to concentration camp in the beginning of 2017. The reason probably was she visited USA in 2014 to attend Azat Mahmut’s son’s wedding.Unclear, probably in Ghulja (Ili)In the beginning of 2017The reason probably was she visited USA in 2014 to attend Azat Mahmut’s son’s wedding.Concentration campProbably through other relatives.18-35FUyghurIliconcentration campJan. 2017 – Mar. 2017related to going abroadathlete
419Mutellip Muhter6541011985??????O?Testimony 1: Azat Mahmut Kashgari. Has been living in the United States for 20 years.<br /><br />Testimony 2: Submission to Working Group on Enforced and Involuntary Disappearances.Testimony 1: Azat Mahmut’s cousin’s son<br /><br />Testimony 2: unclearMuhter Mutellip, 30 years old, an athlete from Totdukan, Ghulja. He was sent to concentration camp in 2016.UnclearIn 2016UnclearUnclearProbably through other relatives.18-35MUyghurIliconcentration campbefore 2017athlete
1905Erpat Ablekrem654101199402100512Mukaddes, lives in Turkey.<br /><br />[this testimony has been supplemented with info from a testimony event held in early 2019]cousinErpat Ablekrem, male, uyghur, 25 (Feb,1994), from Ghulja (yi ning), a professional football player.<br /><br />[Chinese name: 艾尔帕提·阿不来克热木<br />Address: Dong Mehelle (墩买里社区), Ghulja]<br /><br />[longer bio sent directly by testifier:<br /><br />Erpat Ablekrem (Aierpati Abulaikeremu), male, Uyghur, 25 (born in Feb, 1994), from Ghulja (Yining), professional football player. Erpart started to play football at a very early age and joined Ghulja No.16 Primary School football team. At the age of 10 (in 2004) he was selected by Ghulja Elementary School Children Team to play in Hope Cup National Football Match for Elementary School Children in Shandong. Since then, he had become an important part of his school teams as goalkeeper. Apart from that, he played for a number of professional sports teams and clubs, such as Cholpan football Team, Ili Star Sports Clup, Ghulja No.1 football Team, Ghulja Qarghay football Team, Shandong Luneng Taishan Football School Club until he was taken to concentration camp in march, 2018.<br /><br />Some of the football matches he played with his teams:<br />2004, Hope Cup National Football Match for Elementary School Children, Shandong, China<br />August 2010, the 12th Regional Football Match, Urumqi, Xinjiang<br />2012, National Youth U17 League Match, Shandong, China<br />2012, Turpan Agricultural Cup, Turpan, Xinjiang<br />2012, the 12th Unity Cup Football Match, Turpan, Xinjiang<br />2013, China Mobile Cup Xinjiang Youth League Match, Urumqi, Xinjiang (His team won Silver Medal)]GhuljaMarch, 2018contacting with outside worldin concentration camp<br /><br />[update at the end of July 2019: released, judging from WeChat activity]from a friend[RFA coverage of his case:]<br /><br />[His name is mentioned in the list of students who took a football gaokao exam:<br />]18-35MUyghurIliunclear (soft)Jan. 2018 – Mar. 2018contact with outside worldathlete
5021Abdurehim Omer65312619????????O?Testimony 1*|2: Ibrahim Yusup, a resident of Sweden. (brother)Abdurrahim Ömer, he is my little brother<br /><br />[Testimony 2: born in Qaghiliq County, but lived in Urumqi with his family. Previously represented China at some events, competing against international fighters. He later opened a martial arts school.]Jail or concentration camp in the east TurkistanAfter 2016,I don’t know dates<br /><br />[Testimony 2: contact lost in 2016, recently learned that he had been taken to camp and learned tailoring there.]Sport teacher and work together with abdurreshidhan who was a famous boxers in the east TurkistanMarried and father of 4 childrenBy Friends of abdurreshidhanHe was very healthy and friendlyTestimony 1*|2: Ibrahim Yusup, a resident of Sweden. (brother)Abdurehim Omer, a sports trainer who worked with Abdureshithan (a famous boxer in Xinjiang). He was very healthy, friendly, and was married with 4 kids.<br /><br />He had represented China in several international events and had opened his own martial arts school.<br /><br />Address: Urumqi.[Presumably in Urumqi.]After 2016. The testifier lost contact with the victim that year, only recently (as of January 2020) learning that his brother had been taken to camp and was taught tailoring there.[Testifier mentions him being a trainer and working with Abdureshithan in this field.]Unclear if still in camp.From Abdureshithan’s friends.MUyghurUrumqiotherathlete
9045Abduhelil Tohti65312119????????O?Abduweli Ayup, a language activist, linguist, and writer, originally from Kashgar but now residing in Norway. (from same town/region)Abduhelil Tohti, a wrestler and teacher at Konasheher First High School<br /><br />Address: Konasheher (Shufu) county, Kashgar prefecture[Presumably in Kashgar.]April 2017UnclearDetained.Not statedThe victim is included in the list of prominent detained Uyghurs, available at: Ayup, a language activist, linguist, and writer, originally from Kashgar but now residing in Norway. (from same town/region)MUyghurKashgarunclear (hard)Apr. 2017 – June 2017athlete

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